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Writing in the Health and Social Sciences
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Please feel free to contact us at boba.samuels@utoronto.ca

Our instructors are:

Boba Samuels, Director: boba.samuels@utoronto.ca

Patricia Patchet-Golubev: patricia.patchet.golubev@utoronto.ca

Roz Spafford: roz.spafford@utoronto.ca

Michael Lapointe: michael.lapointe@utoronto.ca

Michael O'Connor: michaeloconn43@gmail.com

Heather Sanguins: heather.sanguins@utoronto.ca

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Please click the image to enlarge it.

BN229: rm.229, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, 320 Huron St.
     (NOTE: A valid T-card is required for entry to this building.)
DN267B: rm 267B, Faculty of Dentistry, 124 Edward St.
     (NOTE: in the Dentistry library)
HS341B: rm.341B, Faculty of Nursing, 155 College St.
PB245: rm.245, Faculty of Pharmacy, 144 College St.
SK344: rm.344, Faculty of Social Work, 246 Bloor St. W.